The Anatomy of a JoJo Mac Clutch

I bill my handbags as:  “Convertible.  Eco-friendly.  Made in the U.S.A.”  While that’s a lovely slogan, nothing speaks louder than a picture.  So, I created “The Anatomy of a JoJo Mac Clutch” to show all the details of our handbags in one visual.

I’ll expand on the features below:

Felted Wool Shell – The shell of each handbag is knitted with premium quality 100% yarn, then felted to create a soft, strong, durable, flexible fabric.  These shells are approximately 1/4″ thick – they’re going to last a long, long time.

Removable Brooch – The clutch can come with a brooch.  Or not.  Since the shell is a soft, flexible, felted wool, brooches and buttons can easily be added or removed without damaging the fabric itself.  (That is, unless the brooch or button is ripped off, tearing the fabric.  The shell is tough, but not indestructible!)  Try doing that with leather!

Magnetic Snap Closure – The flap of the handbag closes with a magnetic snap, that’s been sewn into the shell.

Lining – Every clutch has a lining that is unique to each color of handbag.  The lining is also hand sewn into the shell to create a smooth shell, with no outside stitch markings.

Inner Pocket – Each clutch has an inner pocket that is large enough to store your credit cards, driver’s license, money, lipstick or other small items.  That way you don’t have to search through the clutch for these much used goodies.  (Not available on the mini-clutches.)

Internal Rings – Rings are attached to the inside of the handbags.  They fold out to attach a chain or wristlet.  They also fold in, unseen from the outside, if you want to simply carry your clutch.

Chain or Wristlet – Any variety of chain or wristlet can be attached to the internal rings of the handbag.  Want a hands-free handbag?  Then attach the chain.  Want a wristlet so your handbag is always with you?  Then attach the wristlet.  Just want to carry your clutch?  Then detach the chain or wristlet and off you go!

Hours and hours of time have gone into the design of our handbags.  Also, many prototypes were made.  All in order to offer you the perfect clutch!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do 🙂



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