Pantone’s Top 10 Colors For Fall 2016

Recently, Pantone announced their Top 10 Colors for Fall 2016.  With the exception of Bodacious (purple, bottom right), these colors are timeless fall/winter choices.

From top left to bottom right, the colors are:

  • Riverside
  • Airy Blue
  • Dusty Cedar
  • Warm Taupe
  • Spicy Mustard
  • Lush Meadow
  • Aurora Red
  • Sharkskin
  • Potter’s Clay
  • Bodacious

The two shades of blue are considered the most popular colors for this Fall.  Riverside is more subtle than Cobalt, yet still maintains a vibrancy and sophistication.  Airy Blue may at first be thought of as a Spring color, but this shade blends perfectly with Riverside.

Dusty Cedar is a warm shade of pink and is a standout color made to make you feel comfortable.  Warm Taupe is a darker neutral shade that implies reassurance and stability.  Spicy Mustard makes a wonderful accent color as the tone falls between a vibrant yellow and gold with a touch of brown.

Lush Meadow is vibrant yet rich and elegant and reminds of me a lush forest floor.  Aurora Red is a vibrant red with a touch of orange.  It is warm, sensual, and dynamic.  This is a red that will look good on everyone.

Sharkskin is a neutral that can go with any accent color.  It is practical, yet can be dressed up or down with a bright or muted color.  Potter’s Clay is an earth tone with a touch of orange.  While a neutral, it is a bold hue that still feels grounded.

In combination with the other nine colors, Bodacious sticks out as the most bold color of the list.  This is a purple with a touch of pink that is bright, vibrant, and unexpected.  It would be a fantastic accent tone to provide a pop of color to any outfit.

Some of these colors have been favorites of mine for a long time.  They’re timeless.  I look forward to seeing the fashions designed around these beautiful colors.



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