The Best of New York Fashion Week

The Fall/Winter Designer Collections hit New York City again last week at New York Fashion Week.  Everyone has their own sensibilities as to what was the best of the week.  I humbly present a few of mine.

I love the Anna Sui piece on the featured image.  Quite a few designers seem to only work in black, white, or neutrals.  Nature is colorful.  The world is colorful.  Anna Sui knows color.  I don’t know who came up with the notion that only black, white, and neutrals are chic, but Anna Sui proves this notion is false.  I could wear this outfit everywhere!


Ralph Lauren consistently designs beautiful fashion.  While some designers opt for excessive creativity, Ralph Lauren’s creations are meant to be worn.  Everywhere.  By everyone.  The red dress above is simple, yet elegant.  Love it!


This sparkly dress is by Oscar de la Renta.  Sparkly sequins mixed with a beautifully dyed fabric hit the right tone with me.  It makes me want to find an event just so I can wear it.


Clean, flowing, and elegant describes this beautiful outfit by Boss.  I love the raspberry tones.  This looks like something you could wear to work during the day, and a party after hours.

Obviously, with hundreds of outfits presented at Fashion Week, there is something for everyone.  I’m always looking for inspiration for my handbags.  Nature provides a tremendous amount of ideas.  However, I love to see designers that inspire me as well.

So, we say goodbye to New York Fashion Week.  See you again in the fall!




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