For The Love Of Purse Charms

I love Purse Charms and Zipper Pulls.  I put them on everything.  Especially on the zippers of my handbags.

I started my adventure in purse charms/zipper pulls when the generic zipper pull on my winter coat broke off.  In the middle of winter.  I looked through all my jewelry bead boxes and put some beads together on a lanyard hook, and… voila, I could zip my coat again.

Like everything I make, I test them personally.  The first zipper pull I made broke.  It took a couple of times of fixing it to realize which findings to use to keep it from constantly breaking.  Once I discovered the right combination, it worked like a charm.  It’s been five years now, and that zipper pull works like a champ!

Once I realized how fun purse charms and zipper pulls were, I started putting them on everything.  I attached them to the zippers of jackets, coats, and luggage, as well as key chains.  Of course, I put them on the zipper of every handbag I own.  Not only are they beautiful, but they make unzipping anything easier.

I also put them on big rings of handbags.  At one craft show I worked, a lady brought over this big, black, faux fur purse.  She looked through all of my purse charms and picked the Big Red Heart one.  I put it on one of the big rings where the handle attached and was stunned at how much it transformed her bag.  She was so excited, she ended up buying two more for her other purses.

Handbags can look rather plain, simple and clean.  While that’s nice sometimes, I like to add some personality to my bags.  Purse charms fit the bill and you can take them on and off or change them whenever you’d like.

So, why don’t you try a purse charm or zipper pull and see what you think!  I keep adding more charms every day to our website.


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