Eco-friendly, Sustainable, and Wonderful

Our handbags are made of knitted then felted wool.  Why wool?  Because it’s natural (i.e., not man-made), eco-friendly, and sustainable.  That’s just the start of it’s wonderful properties.

Wool comes from sheep.  Sheep are sheered once or twice a year, then the fiber is cleaned, carded, and spun into yarn.  Depending on the breed, one sheep can produce 1 to 8 pounds of processed yarn per sheering.  Wool takes up dyes wonderfully and resists fading.  Also, sheep come in many different colors, so wool can be used in it’s natural colors and not dyed at all.

As with any commercial industry that involves animals, sheep can be abused.  There are certain countries from which we refuse to buy yarn.  The majority of the yarn we use comes from Peru.



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